Refinish drexel table

The wife just picked up a teak mid century modern dining table, designed by John van Koert, from the Profile series, fabricated by Drexel. The table seems like a solid build, and not a veneer finish. Used condition, with the table top surface in need of refinishing. Luckily the chairs are good as is!. It is a Drexel Declaration coffee table. A relatively "rare" piece with a good value! As I have said before, it is not the "profit value" that motivates me. It is the absolute LOVE I have for this furniture. ... This is an important step when refinishing furniture whether you are applying a clear finish or painting. It removes all the gunk and. The "Museum". Be Safe/Renovate Safe. Home / Decorating Resources / furniture. Vintage Drexel Declaration furniture - Catherine sends us a gorgeous brochure. Pam Kueber - June 11, 2008, Updated: August 2, 2021. Following the "original" Drexel post (where we also met Troy of Troyland), the wonderful Catherine kindly scanned some. Queen Anne Style Tilt Top Dining Table. 19th. Century Queen Anne Style Tilt Top Mahogany Dining Table. Beautiful Solid Mahogany Top And Legs. Four Caster Wheels, Brass Locking System And Bolts. Dimensions 54 Diameter X 29 14 High. Perfect Condition. Just A Couple Of Small Scratches On The Top.beautiful Quality And Rare Large Size. $1500.00. I found a pair of Drexel nightstands recently at a thrift store. I always worry that I won't be able to find affordable (OK I mean "cheap") furniture to refinish. Some days I do strike out, however I usually end up finding more than I have room for! I thought these nightstands had an elegant shape, but I thought a different color combination would enhance their elegance. After. A minor repair. Als Plating Co in Drexel Hill, PA. About Search Results. Sort:Default. Default; Distance; Rating; Name (A - Z) Sponsored Links. 1. Multi-Flex Plating Co. Plating Plating Equipment & Supplies (1) Website. 54. YEARS IN BUSINESS (610) 461-7700. 109 Willows Ave. Darby, PA 19023. Apr 10, 2013 - Just bought one to refinish!! Beautiful: Drexel Profile Dining Table. Coat the table with a heavy-duty paint and stain remover to remove the wood stain. Let this sit overnight to let the product lift a lot of the color out of the wood. Rub the wood with mineral spirits to clean the table and buff away the majority of the stain. The longer the stripper had been sitting, the more it will lift the stain. Purchase Refinishing Original today! Rolex Cosmograph Refinished - $4490.00 . Rolex Cosmograph Refinished Original Dial Predaytona Steel 6238 Singer Back. Categoryrolex Cosmograph. Refinish Dial Original ,singer Back. ... Vintage Octagonal Ash Table- Brasero Refinished Original Tools And Hardware. Vintage Octagonal Ash Table- Brasero. Choose two colors of stain that match the light and dark areas of the wood. Put a dab of both on a scrap of wood and create a range of colors by blending a bit of the two. Now you can use an artist's brush to create the grain. Once you are done with the sander and the majority of the previous finish is gone, wipe off the dust. Get a 220 grit sand paper and sand the whole top by hand to get a very smooth finish. The sander will leave small (almost undetectable) marks in the raw wood. When you go to stain they will will become more noticeable. A Mid-Century Set by Drexel Furniture. April 15, 2021 haileyduncan. If you are a furniture painter, or just a thrifter in general, you know that a quality PAIR is really hard to come by! When I saw these two Drexel dressers, I knew I had to have them! Drexel Furniture is a brand that is well known in the vintage furniture industry, so if you. Sand out all the old stain with 120-grit paper and a palm sander; then hand-sand with 150-grit sandpaper. Stain the wood with liquid or gel stain, if desired. Seal the wood with wood sealer, oil finish or diluted lacquer, shellac or varnish; then scuff-sand with 220-grit sandpaper. Apply one or more finish coats, depending on the product you use. Refinishing my oak table saved me a lot of money over building a new one. To build a new large table top of solid oak, the wood alone would have cost me $400+. But I purchased the entire table with 6 upholstered arm chairs for only $200. Knowing that chairs like that run $100+ each, I saved over $800 by taking the time to refinish the oak table. Browse our huge collection of Drexel, or try a simple search for a particular Rare with the search bar. We have access to hundreds of thousands of items from sellers, so we just might have just what you are trying to locate! Purchase Drexel now! Set Of 6 Lillian August Dining Or Side Chairs In Great Condition Fringe Mahogany Set Of - $6999.00.

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